How can I activate the follow button on Facebook?


The famous social networking site Facebook has thousands of users daily. it's normal to seek out that some Facebook users have over 4000 friends on their Facebook friends list, like writers, celebrities, thinkers, actors, service providers, and others.

It is known that the quantity of friends on Facebook doesn't exceed 5000. this is often within the foundations and regulations of Facebook.

activate the follow button on Facebook

Therefore, if you wish to create this matter unlimited and wish for an answer to the present problem, the Facebook developers who are acting on developing the site’s features and features. Have provided an exquisite feature that we'll discuss during this article, which is that the button follows.

What is the difference between following and friendship?

Friendship on Facebook includes following, so everyone can follow or unfollow anyone in his friend list, and normally every follower friend.

Following on Facebook is for non-friends, it appears on the condition that the person to follow allows it, as this feature enables us to follow a person’s Facebook account without having to feature him as an admirer, then we will follow the posts, and every one the news of this person without having to feature him to the friend's list Friends list permanently.

This method also enables any Facebook user to follow your account, with no problems if you activate it, including commenting on your posts and interacting with them and therefore the ability and access to notifications for followers moreover.

How to activate the follow button on Facebook

The method is straightforward, we'll explain it very well within the following steps from the computer:

  1. Choose the web browser you would like, whether Google Chrome, Firefox, or others.
  2. visit the Facebook website, which is:
  3. you'll attend the Facebook login page, then enter the E-mail address, or the signaling you used while creating your account.
  4. Also, enter the password, with which you were registered with Facebook to shield the account, in its field.
  5. Click on the login option, your account is going to be opened and therefore the main account page will appear.
  6. Click on the arrow at the highest left of the page, pointing down.
  7. A menu will appear containing some options, choose Settings.
  8. The settings page for the Facebook account will open, click on the general public Posts option, which is found on the proper of the page to open the general public Post Filters and Tools window.
  9. On the general public posts filters and tools page, you'll find the choice of who can follow me. answer the question who can follow me through the audience icon next to the question on the left, and choose the category you wish to permit to follow you, friends are going to be selected By default, you'll change it to Friends of Friends or Public option.

How to show the number of followers on a profile

To be able to show the number of individuals who have followed you at the highest of your Facebook profile, on your computer, follow these simple steps:

  1. After visiting the Facebook home page through this link, log in to your Facebook account by entering the password, furthermore because of the E-mail or sign that you just used while creating the account.

  2. Click on your account name that appears at the highest of the page, to travel to your page.

  3. Click on the buddies option that appears below your Cover Photo, and a window will appear containing all of your friends.

  4. Click on the Manage pen icon that appears on the left of the page.

  5. a brand new option will appear for you, which is Edit Privacy. once you click on that, a tiny low window will appear on the identical page containing three options, as follows:

  • To be able to decide who can see your friends list.

  • to make a decision about who can see the people, Pages, and Lists you've followed.

  • to make a decision who can see folks that have followed you on your timeline.

Note: this selection doesn't appear unless you activate the continue button, as we explained in the previous part.