How to enable immersive mode on Android


Immersive Mode in Android phones is based on the concept of ​​hiding the status bar and other navigation bars while using some applications, also known as a full-screen mode. Immersive mode on Android is only enabled in certain apps by default, but is there a way to full-screen mode without rooting the device? There have been ways to get the device running process going. Unfortunately, there is one major limitation: you can't disable immersive mode for apps that use it by default.

Immersive Mode in Android

What is the stereoscopic mode?

Stereo mode: Screen experience on Android devices in which the status bar and navigation bars are hidden. It displays status, notifications, and other important information at the top of the screen. Android devices have this image displayed during this mode, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or swipe down from the top of the screen.

Pros and Cons of Immersive Mode

The advantage of (Immersive Mode) is that you can see more of the app's interface. The plus side is that you miss out on timely notifications. If the onscreen error has been posted, it has been displayed on the onscreen display while the game is running. The reason why this is happening is causing an error in setting the reason why this is happening.

Developer Options USB Debugging

This is the easiest part of the previous tutorial and opportunities. Those of you who have done this before, just follow this path, around phone->build number and upon it 5-6 times. This developer options. Now go to developer options and enable "USB debugging".

Immersive Mode in Android

How to Hide Status Bar in Android Apps

There are quite a few programs that allow you to put stereoscopic mode in any application. One of the free options is the app (full-screen immersive PhotoSafe).

  1. Follow up PhotoSafe Fullscreen Immersive app from Google Play Store.
  2. Accomplish the application and click I agree. 
  3. Press the playback button in the top corner.
  4. Click on Grant.
  5. Press back. Click on Hide Navigation Bar and Status. These settings will be applied to all applications and will be effective immediately.

How to turn the stereoscopic mode on and off for PC applications

It is also possible to set immersive mode preferences for individual apps, by doing the following:
  • Allows doing (PhotoSafe Fullscreen Immersive) application and clicking access to use.
  • Click on Grant.
  • Press the immersive screen mode.
  • Tap Allow usage tracking, then tap again twice. All your apps will appear in the leading part of the screen. The magnifying glass can be pressed into your applications.
  • Input the name of the application.
  • Click on the application to set your preference: click on it once from the featured videos.
Depress it again only the status bar.
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