Is it time to abandon the Google Chrome browser?

The history of Internet browsers has always been governed by the presence of a widespread browser and many smaller competitors. Netscape Navigator was dominant in the 1990s, followed by Internet Explorer at the turn of the millennium. But for nearly a decade now, one name has dominated the field without showing any indication of weakness: Google Chrome. The browser proved to be an indispensable asset to Google and helped it complete its dominance over the internet.

Google Chrome browser

Whether for computers or smartphones, Google Chrome dominates about 65% of the browser market today. Although this percentage is still below Internet Explorer's monopoly levels of over 90% at times, it is still significant. Since 2012, Google Chrome has become the reigning king of browsers, amid the collapse of its traditional rivals, Internet Explorer and even Firefox.
Today, Google Chrome is still the master of the world of browsers, and for many good reasons, without a doubt. But this rule may not be acceptable for users, and maybe it's time to ditch Google Chrome and use another browser.

Why did Google Chrome dominate the browser market in the first place?

For those who are familiar with the many bugs of Google Chrome today, it may seem strange that it has climbed to the forefront, especially to the hostile browser. But the reality is that it has been the best browser for users for a long time even. From the beginning, it is far superior to its competitor, Firefox, and there is no way to compare it with Internet Explorer. But in general, some features made Google Chrome distinct without a doubt, such as:

  • Faster browsing and softer page loading and handling.
  • Isolating the processes so that each page is an independent process, and if a page stops working, the rest of the browser will continue as it was instead of the sudden stop.
  • Availability of “extensions” as mini-applications that work within the browser and provide many useful tasks with a unified market for extensions.

Google Chrome browser

All these reasons together make Chrome an ideal choice for surfing the Internet. Very quickly, professionals and even those at an intermediate level with technical knowledge are migrating to Internet Explorer. With time, the browser updates were periodic and good with more useful features which encouraged the users to stay.

Why has it become such a good idea lately to abandon Google Chrome?

In contrast to the major advantages that Google Chrome owned without a doubt, there were undoubtedly drawbacks to it. Over time, other browsers have improved tremendously and entered the competition strongly, especially Safari and Edge. With the improvement of these browsers, Chrome's flaws have become clearer on the one hand, and its features are less impressive. But if we want to summarize the most important problems of Google Chrome, they are most likely:

The massive use of resources

As a result of assigning a new process to each page and add-on, it has become a norm for the browser to use a large number of device resources. It is known to consume RAM and usually requires more processing power as well. Although other browsers have somewhat similar behavior, the ones offered by system makers are usually more battery-saving. In these areas, Chrome's performance lags behind both Apple's Safari and Microsoft's Edge.

Google Chrome browser

In computers, in particular, the effect of Google Chrome on the battery has become very clear today. Whether on Windows or macOS, users are better off with their primary browser if they want more battery life.

Endless security problems

Google Chrome is not more flawed than others in terms of security, but Google is making tremendous efforts to fortify it more without a doubt. But the browser suffers from being the most popular browser and therefore the most targeted by hackers and scammers. In recent years, the threat of security holes in the browser has become a major problem for many, and the presence of spyware and adware within it has become a common sight for many novice users.

Google Chrome browser

Of course, there is a constant targeting of other browsers, without a doubt, but the focus of hackers is on Google Chrome above all at the moment. Even browsers based on his open-source project (Chromium) are more immune to it even though they support the same plugins. Is it time to abandon the Google Chrome browser? Tell us your opinion in the comment box.