6 Best AppLock for Android


App lock for Android is an additional way by which you can protect your privacy from intrusion by some or hide some momentous things such as messages, photos, and videos.

There are some features available in App lock for Android called app camouflage. Learn about them through the article below. Not only that, some app lock for Android has features like recovery and fingerprint let's explore that together.

AppLock for Android

Best app lock for Android

We show you the best application lock for Android that are located on the Internet, and they are presented according to preference. Choose what is suitable for you in terms of protection and available features. Let's start first:

1. Norton App lock for Android

Norton is a big name associated with software security, you are likely to know them about their antivirus software, however, they also have a robust app locker for Android smartphones that not only gets the job done but gets it done well, too.

App Lock for Android

Although it is not available in every country, you can easily download the Norton app lock apk on the web.

It recommends apps that you should lock automatically, you can lock your apps with a pattern or password, it allows fingerprint unlock and you can also set a custom recovery email in case you forget how to log in.

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2. App lock for Android by SailingLab

This app lock for Android is one of the ideal options that you can have, even without the powerful functions of some other apps, AppLock from SailingLab performs the basic function of securing your apps.

In addition, it allows you to hide videos and photos in a built-in vault away from prying eyes. An additional feature here is the Whatsapp Status Saver That gets it in the mix.

It does exactly what its name says – it allows you to save media posted by your friends in a private WhatsApp status. directly on your phone.

3. Dormobile Lab App lock

It's one of those apps that does a little bit of everything from locking your apps, photos, and videos to locking Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It may also allow the use of fingerprint unlocking.

Settings and the app itself are locked by default, with recommendations for apps you need to lock available at your fingertips.

App Lock for Android

You get cool features like disguise icons where you can disguise the app as a calculator, compass, or hydrometer and a random keyboard function to keep out prying eyes.

Other features include a cover to catch hackers with an on-screen fingerprint or an Unfortunately App lock that has stopped working promptly.

There is also a selfie hacker feature and advanced protection that prevents others from uninstalling the app.

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4. Lockit App lock

It is a very unique password lock software that includes those cute little tricks that these types of apps are known for. Some of its features include intruder selfie & disguise lock, fingerprint lock, etc.

Once installed, the app by default locks any later installed apps while also giving you the option to lock already installed apps.

App Lock for Android

You can also decide to integrate fingerprint unlocking for faster access to locked apps, plus there's Photo Vault and Video Vault where you can hide as many photos and videos as you want.

5. AppLock by SpSoft

This is arguably the best app lock software for Android on this list. The app has everything you might need in locking apps, There is the usual fingerprint, password (numeric and alphanumeric), and pattern in addition to the gesture lock feature.

Secret This randomly picks password buttons with each attempt or even adds a password hint as a reminder.

App Lock for Android

You can also lock Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, incoming calls, USB connection, recent apps while multitasking, and auto-lock apps installed later.

It was decided to hide the notification of each application.
This is not all. It also allows you to set multiple passwords so that you can have different locks for different applications.

In addition to the ability to set different profiles with different groups of applications and lock them.

6. Smart app lock for android

Smart AppLock is the best because it prevents intruders from gaining unauthorized access to the apps.

It has a calendar of other features such as one-click phone acceleration, phone battery life, junk cleaner, network analyzer, and photo finder, not to mention a feature to hide photos and videos while working as secure app locks.

App Lock for Android

Plus, it automatically adds an unexplained notification toggle in your device’s notification panel when you open it after installation, something I didn’t personally like.

You must also grant notification access to the app before you can turn off the notification toggle in the app’s settings however, it does the job of protecting your apps well.

The apps in this list can be downloaded for free, but some ads are shown in the app, to get rid of ads you will have to pay for the premium version and in some cases, you get more features.

However, this intelligent software is safe to use and provides Great security for your apps by locking Applications with a secret number.