How to use Snapchat on a PC 2022


Snapchat is one of the most critical applications that keep you in touch with friends and is only available for smartphone users.

Most apps have two versions, one for mobile and one for desktop, but Snapchat is limited to its smartphone version only.

use Snapchat on a PC 2022

Most of the activities are best done via smartphones; some always want to use the big screen, so users of the application search On how to use Snapchat on PC, and in fact, there are two tested ways to access Snapchat on PC; let's take a look in the following lines and a simple explanation of the steps.

How to use Snapchat on a PC

It is known that the Snapchat application is a mobile application only, and does not support the desktop version, so is there a way to download the application to the computer? And why can't I access Snapchat on a PC?

The answer is that it can only be downloaded through the App Store or Play Store, which is primarily available for mobile versions, and here we will deal with three scenarios of how to use Snapchat on PC.

How to use Snapchat on PC with BlueStalks BlueStalk

BlueStalk is an emulator program used to imitate the phone on the PC, which is simply a program to Imitate one platform for another. Besides this emulator, there are several emulators such as Andy, NoxPlayer, Remix Os Player, etc.

use Snapchat on a PC 2022

But BlueStalk is the only one that allows downloading and using APK files of an app, and we will be short on this program; only follow these steps on how to use Snapchat on PC with Bluestalks:

  • First, open the browser on the computer.
  • Search for
  • Enter the site and click download.
  • Once the download is complete, you will see a pop-up on the bottom left of the tab on the computer, which is BlueStalks APK.
  • Click on the downloaded APK and open it.
  • Then click on play.
  • Click Install in the pop-up window.
  • BlueStalks will be set up automatically.
  • When BlueStalks is released, you can open the Playstore in it.
  • Then search for Snapchat and download it.
  • After that, you can use Snapchat on your computer.

This method is the most widely used on How to use Snapchat on PC.

Note: During the process in the previous steps, you may encounter the message, Oops, something went wrong, and this has nothing to do with the security of your account, but rather that the Snapchat application has detected you, as this problem appeared in versions 3 and 4 of BlueStalks.

Therefore, it is recommended to try BlueStalks version 2, and there is no harm in trying or trying BlueStalks version 5.
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How to use Snapchat on a computer using mirroring

It is like watching a movie from a smartphone on a big screen; we do the same here; here you are not using Snapchat on your computer, but you are watching snapshots and pictures on a bigger screen, which is called mirroring, which is not a bad option, there are a lot of mirroring apps For phones such as Vysor, Airdroid, and Screen Stream Mirroring.

How to use Snapchat through the official Snapchat website

With so many requests for updates for the app to be used on PC, Snapchat is finally getting ready to launch the desktop version; it's still under construction and offers limited access to all the features. If you want to get the teaser, do the following:

  • Open Chrome browser and search for Snapchat for Windows.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Check I am not a robot.
  • Sign in.
  • A verification code will be sent to your email; enter it.

This will allow you to peek into the app's full multimedia features, directly message a friend, and browse the Snapchat Newsfeed, but the downside is that you can't take or upload photos. This was our topic on How to Use Snapchat on PC 2022.