The best way to create a Facebook page


Do you want to create a Facebook page and strive to be professional? If you answer yes, let me congratulate you because you chose the right place.

In this article, you will find a detailed explanation and illustrations of creating a Facebook page. You will also find a detailed description and pictures of how to prepare the page professionally to be attractive to your audience.

create a Facebook page

Whether you want to create a Facebook page for your business or entertainment or to start one of the ways to make money on Facebook, completing it in style is a must. So we are here to help you create a Facebook page.

How to create a Facebook page

In this part, we will explain how to create a Facebook page in easy and simple steps and with illustrations.
But before creating a Facebook page, you must read its terms and conditions and ensure you do not violate them.

1. Go to the Create New Facebook Page link

Once you go to the link above, you will find yourself on the creation page, as shown in the image below.

create a Facebook page

2. Choose the type of Facebook page you want to create

You will find two types of Pages, Brand Pages and Community or Public Figure Pages.

Here we assume that you want to create a Facebook page about fashion, share your interest in the world of style, and make money on Facebook, so that we will choose the Brand and Business option.

3. Choose the name of your page and its category

Once you click the "Get Started" button, two fields will appear to type the page's name and category.

In the Page Name field, type the name you'd like to be your Facebook page's official name.

In the category, choose the closest description to your page (when you type any alphabetic letter, you will find a list of the categories for this letter).

create a Facebook page

Congratulations, you have created a Facebook page. Now, we have to go to the settings to appear as a professional page for the users.

4. Add a profile picture

After creating a Facebook page, immediately a task-completed message will appear. Move the mouse down. Facebook will ask you to add an image to your page to help users access it.

The image here should be square (length equal to the width). Facebook's official website tells us that the profile picture appears on computers as 170*170 pixels and on smartphones as 128*128 pixels.

Still, any square image will fulfill the demand (the length should equal the width).

create a Facebook page

To download the image from your computer, click the "Upload Profile Picture" button, select the image on your device, and click Open.

5. Add a cover photo

After uploading your profile picture, Facebook will ask you to add a cover photo, as shown in the image below.

According to Facebook, the image size on computers is 820 x 312, and on smartphones, it is 640 x 360. Therefore, 820*312 size will work well.

If you are still looking for a picture of the exact size required, there is no problem. The idea here lies in the relationship between length and width, which is approximately the length half the width.

Select the photo from your device, press the Open or Open button after selecting the images, and click Save to start elsewhere.

The most critical settings to start your Facebook page professionally

After completing the steps of creating a Facebook page, you have to do some essential steps and locations.

These will give you a professional start and make your page more attractive and trusted by users.

create a Facebook page

1. Invite friends who are interested in your page

Invite Friends is an easy start to getting subscribers for your Facebook page, but here I will give you two tips to make the best possible use of the Invite Friends feature.

a) Invite only interested parties

Selecting all friends and sending them invitations to like the page is sometimes the right option. Still, here you have to send invitations to interested friends.

Getting a lot of likes in the beginning, is not in your best interest. Then friends dislike it later; remember that ten thankful and engaged interactions are better than 100 uninterested.

b) Ask those close to you to invite their friends too

Inviting friends to like the page is available to the page admin, and it is known to page fans, so you also benefit from your friends who are interested in the above.

To invite your friends, press the three-dotted button (…) below the cover photo; a menu will pop up before you, and choose Invite Friends.

In it, you will see the number of uninvited friends and the number of invited friends.
Click the arrow to select your friends according to their subscribed groups.

2. Edit page information

Click more next to the prompt button, and below the cover photo, a drop-down menu will appear in front of you; choose "About," and a window will pop up in front of you.

create a Facebook page

Here is an explanation of the functionality of each statement:

General: Through it, you can write a description of the page and what it offers to its fans.

You can also modify your chosen category while creating a Facebook page or add other types your page belongs to.

Contact: Enter the phone number, e-mail, and the page's website, if available.

Address: Choose the page's location on the map (in case there is a headquarters for the page or it represents a commercial activity on the ground).

Hours: If the Page is specific to an activity or a retail store, specify the working hours in this part.

More: The first field is for some countries only, and the second is where you can link to the privacy policy (optional).
Remember to hit the Save Changes button after each edit.

3. Assign assistants for you to publish content and manage the page

There are many important reasons for assigning roles to the page to collect and publish new posts when creating a Facebook page.

create a Facebook page

To give your page a unique stature, click the Settings button above the cover photo on the left, choose Roles on Page from the list on the left, enter the name or e-mail of the user you want to add and select the job, and hit add.

4. Activate Response Assistant (for an instant reply to messages)

The speed of responding to notices is a crucial component of gaining the trust of your Page followers, and it is an indicator that Facebook uses to rate your page as well.

Response Assistant is a utility tool; activating it lets you automatically send a message to respond immediately to notifications on your page.

create a Facebook page

This message is welcoming and promises a prompt response whenever an opportunity arises, and it helps improve user satisfaction.

To activate Response Assistant, click Settings, then Messaging, go to "Send instant replies to anyone who sends messages to your Page," and set the button to On.

Note: You can change this message as you like. Press the change button and write the most appropriate letter to your page.

5. Add a button on your Facebook page

The add button is a nice feature recently added to Facebook Pages. It allows you to make a button to take the user to your site, download your application, or even communicate immediately with you.

create a Facebook page

To add a button, click the "Add button" below the cover photos to the left. A window will open before you; choose the type of button, click the Next button, enter the required data, and click the Complete button.

6. Modify the page link to look professional (username)

The default page link contains the page name and a group of numbers, but you can modify this link to choose a shorter and more professional link.

To modify your page link, click on the "About" heading on the left, then click the "Create a username for the page" link.

create a Facebook page

The username must be without spaces and can contain dots to separate words.

The most important tips before creating a Facebook page

The Facebook page that you intend to work on is the title of your product or activity. If building the Facebook page is entertainment or making money on Facebook, be patient in choosing the name.

We offer you some tips that make your page distinctive:

1. Create a Facebook page about something you care about

The idea of the page and what you will present through it is crucial, so your page should be about something you care about and value.

2. Your Facebook page must be unique and not duplicate

If you intend to steal other people's posts and paste them on your page, this may get you some benefits, but this is not a way to succeed in creating a good Facebook page.

You must be sure you can provide something good, new, helpful, and attractive to your page members.

3. Choose the name of the Facebook page very carefully

This age of speed in which we live often forces us to judge things only by their titles.

Therefore, many Facebook users also decide whether or not to subscribe to your page based on its name, so you should choose an expressive and easy-to-remember name.

4. Prepare content before publishing

You must decide what to offer on your page and plan the scheduled posts so that you have an inventory and are in constant contact with your page members.

5. Make the page data complete and expressive

It will depend on choosing the proper name, profile picture, and cover.

6. Understanding Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing has a unique nature, which you must understand to get the best results. This is if you want to use your Facebook page for commercial and marketing purposes.

It's okay, my friend; we at Winners care for all this. That's why we have prepared for you a comprehensive guide on Facebook marketing, which you can access through the link below:

Facebook Marketing (Beginners Guide)
In the end, I hope that in this article, I have shown you how to create a Facebook page in a satisfactory and easy-to-implement manner.

I am pleased to share the topic with you through the comments below; I also greatly appreciate your help publishing the content.