Tips for Creating a successful blog from Scratch


Are you thinking of creating a successful blog but are afraid of the failure of the blogging idea? If so, follow this article, in which we will give you the essential tips that help you create a successful blog, whether on the WordPress platform, Blogger platform, or even on any other platform.

Creating a successful blog

Common mistakes bloggers make

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes is that most of those who use the Blogger platform have many blogs in their control panel, not just one blog, and most of those blogs were just an idea in the user’s mind at a particular time and then disappeared.

Because it was just a temporary blog, not continuous, and it does not benefit the blogger. On the contrary, it is harmful because it causes wasting a lot of time that he should use to pay attention to the main blog.

It also causes distraction the blogger’s mind, who should focus all his efforts on developing the main blog, so you must take care of one blog and not the other to achieve the desired goal of its creation, whether the goal is material profit or achieving a moral goal or both goals.

As for those who depend on WordPress, one of the common mistakes is not relying on good WordPress hosting for their site and buying bad cheap hosting. 

For information, searching for the most affordable hosting sites does not mean that it is wrong because the quality of hosting depends on several factors, including the quality of the servers of the hosting company that you turn on for that. 
We are showing this course how to build a successful blog.

How to create your successful blog

Perhaps one of the most critical steps that help anyone succeed in blogging is to follow this plan, which passes through three main stages, as follows:

The first stage: before creating the blog

At this stage, the idea of ​​creating a blog comes to your mind, and before you pass this stage, you must answer the following questions:

  • What is your goal in creating an electronic blog?
  • Do you have enough time to take care of the blog?
  • What field or specialization do you have skills in?
  • Can you deliver the required information to the reader quickly and excitingly simultaneously?
  • Will you write through it your ideas, or will you transfer them from other sites? Will you rephrase articles, or will you rely on a mixture of your thoughts, paraphrasing, and research?
  • If you decide to create a WordPress site, do you have enough budget to buy the best web hosting for your site?

After you have answered all the previous questions, your answer will determine the approach that you follow in your blog. Are you ready to blog?

The second stage: creating the blog

After we finish the first stage, before creating the blog, in the second stage, you create your blog on the Blogger or WordPress platform, according to your preference.

You can first compare Blogger and WordPress platforms To compare their advantages and disadvantages closely. 

Then, you can build your blog or use the help of a design company, and you can also buy a mini-service through the Fiverr site or rely on someone with experience and professionalism.

The last stage: blogging in your blog

This last stage is the most important of the three steps, as at that stage, your blog “add articles to your site,” and you must determine whether you can blog on your own or will you need another blogger with you or seek the help of a team of editors to start the blogging process.

General tips for bloggers

  1. Please do not make the blog a path to hell and publish forbidden songs, movies, and inappropriate pictures.
  2. Do not seek profit, even if your goal is the Internet number, because you will lose material and moral gain.
  3. Make it your goal to provide helpful content. Provide good content to your visitors.
  4. Please communicate with your visitors through comments and respond to all their questions, inquiries, and suggestions.
  5. You must convey helpful information to visitors to improve and develop your site.
    Tips for Creating a successful blog from Scratch