What is a backlink and its prominence?


Many website and blog owners hear the word Backlink, the importance of backlinks, the benefit of backlinks for websites, and how to get a free and robust backlink.

This article will discuss the definition of external backlinks, but internal backlinks have a dedicated piece.

What is a backlink

What is the Backlink?

Backlinks are links published on other websites and refer to another site or blog within a text that refers to the site.

What is the reason for calling these links backlinks?

Launch the name of the Backlink because it supports another site, as search engines are only a strong signal that is evidence of the strength of the content you display on your website.

Google is one of the search engines that organize and rank the levels of websites in search engines, depending on the number of backlinks and search engines that the website has obtained.

Backlinks They are also taken into account. Evidence that the site has gained wide popularity among people, and it is raised among the sites, which makes it appear in the first search results, thus increasing the profit for the owners of the sites.

What is the benefit of the Backlink?

As mentioned previously, the website depends on the search engines through which it obtains visitors and arranges and organizes the sites to increase viewing and increase the site's profit. 

Thus, it is evident that these sites are better than other sites that provide content that may be better.

Is what helps us to reach the essential benefits of backlinks:

Help appears in the first search results in Google and other search engines.
This will improve visitors' chances of quickly finding what they seek. Therefore, search engines provide the best services to all their users, and they work periodically to develop themselves and develop their software, which works to organize and arrange sites according to the best and deserves.

And this is through more than 200 tools and methods in the world of SEO. Rank Factors and Backlinks are considered one of the most necessary means in the list of Rank Factors after the technique of content quality.

If multiple websites link to an individual's location using their Backlink, it can improve their search engine ranking. Previously, Google was working to establish the Page Rank ranking according to the number of backlinks that refer to the website.

Although the developers of Google and other search engines are constantly updating the software and tools that rank sites, up to this point, backlinks are the best tool among all the tools.

And this comes according to what was stated by one of the engineers of Google, which indicated that Backlink, content, and RankBrain are the best tools that evaluate the site and raise its ranking in search engines.

Types of Backlinks

There are many types, including free or paid backlinks, and The task has been completed. By purchasing backlinks from other sites, but all these backlinks are subject to a level of evaluation that benefits the site as follows:

  1. First, Backlink works to raise the ranking of the site significantly.
  2. Second, Backlink works to increase the site's rank by a small amount.
  3. Finally, Backlink causes damage to the site.

The most important characteristics of a strong backlink

There are many specifications that the Backlink has that benefit your site, which we will talk about in the following lines:

  • Backlinks are on well-known and well-known sites: they are sites that have a high Domain Authority domain, where it is preferable to use a backlink from a famous place that has a large number of visitors, as the high authoritative part means that these sites contain great trust, Which raises the ranking of your website in search engines.
  • Backlink contains a text link that contains the keywords of your site: where increases the effect compared to regular connections, as these keywords should include links that refer to the site; it is better than placing the link directly, where Black Hat tools and technologies are used, And SEO is in this matter.
  • Backlink in the same field of the site: Of course, the backlinks should be placed in locations similar to the same area of the site that you are working on, and as an example, it is preferable to choose a backlink in a lot of sports if your site is interested in the field of sports, as these backlinks help give more power If The item has been placed in a specific location.
  • Backlink has no relationship between sites before, which means using sites that have not been linked earlier, which means greater strength for the link.

The difference between DoFollow links and NoFollow.

There are two categories of backlinks: Do Follow links and No Follow links. 

  1. The first is a link that allows search engine spiders to infiltrate the link and archive the content while entering the site.
  2. No-follow links are the opposite of do-follow links, as it is the opposite of the first type.
  3. The do-follow link also gives the site a strong authority, while the no-follow is the opposite. Examples of nofollow links are paid ads or those found in blog comments, press releases, and social media pages.

The best advice about backlinks

  • Website owners should not use the programs through which links Items have been published.
  • Google largely rejects excessive exchange between sites.
  • It is highly recommended To upload only a few posts in one day.