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Dear visitor,
Your privacy, visitor, is very important to us, and the privacy policy in this document outlines the types of personal information that Rita-Tech collects and how this information is used.

We use third-party advertising companies to display ads, and when you visit the Rita-Tech website, these companies have the right to use information about your visits to this site (passwords, phones, or even emails) so that we can achieve your desire for ads and your interest in a cookie.

We at Rita-Tech use Google ads as a financial resource, and then Google uses cookies to display ads to us.

This enables Google, by using the DART cookie, to serve ads “according to your expectations” to users of the site based on their visit.

Visitors to the site can also disable cookies by visiting the privacy policy for Google ads and the content network.
Log files:

Its work is like the work of servers in other sites, and from here, Rita-Tech uses the log file system, and this includes the Internet protocol (addresses, Internet service provider, browser type) through this process, this amount of information is not collected to violate the privacy of visitors, Rather, they are self-evident matters used to ensure the quality of the ads displayed by Google, in addition to that, all data is completely protected in secret, and remains according to the system of improving and developing our site only.

Cookies and network settings:

Google is keen to use cookies to know the interests of visitors, in addition to a special record containing specific information about the pages visited, and thus we know the extent of visitors' interests and any favorite topics so that we do our part towards the site by developing and renewing our content that we deem appropriate for their interests.

We add to this that some companies that advertise in Rita-Tech may look at cookies and network settings for our site and for you, and these companies, an example, Google and its advertising program Google AdSense, which is the first advertising company on our site.

The advertisers are considered a third party in the privacy policy, as they are interested in following up on those statistics according to protocols intended to improve the quality and effectiveness of their advertisements.

These companies have the right to use technical means such as cookies, network settings, and programming codes such as Java.
  These technologies are used by terms and policies aimed at developing advertisements and maintaining the highest quality they appear without harming in any way whatsoever on the site visitor.

Of course, the Rita-Tech website does not have the powers or ability to control these files in any way, even if you activate the cookies feature, and the website disclaims all responsibility for the abusive or illegal use of them.

See the privacy policy of the advertised companies in that document (advertisers such as Google AdSense) or ad network servers for more information about their various practices and activities.

To review the Google AdSense advertising program privacy policy, click here.

It is possible to collect data to renew marketing activities related to advertising networks that focus on the interests and preferences desired by visitors to opt-out of this feature here.

In the end, according to the terms of the agreement, the site is obligated to explain to you how to turn off cookies through your browser, or you can do this by reviewing the privacy policy of Google ads and the content network.

To inquire about any information or questions you need regarding privacy policies, we await your interaction, do not hesitate to do so via the contact form that the site provides, just log in to contact us.

This page was edited on 01/05/2022
Those terms and policies may change or evolve at a time when we see it as inevitable.


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